Extreme Seal



Heavy Duty Sealer. Renews, protects and seals your patio instantly

Key Features:

  • Deep penetrating formulation
  • Forms a clear barrier protecting against dirt, oil and fuel stains
  • Inhibits the growth of moss and lichen
  • Outstanding performance
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Extreme Seal topcoat sealer

This High Performance topcoat sealer is a highly durable coating designed to seal, stabilise and weatherproof block paving, patios and imprinted concrete. The deep penetrating formulation forms a clear membrane that repels water, dirt, oil and fuel spills to prevent staining and reduce weather damage. The durable finish enhancing and binding the surface inhibiting the growth of moss and lichen ensuring block paving, patios and imprinted concrete are maintained over time.

Technical Info


Brush or roller, (after stirring). Brush well into the surface. Since the product dries by evaporation of water it should not be applied under conditions of high humidity or where there is a risk of high condensation during the drying period.

Drying Time

Under normal conditions it is touch dry in approximately 3-4 hours. Overcoating minimum 12 hours, These times will be extended at lower temperatures and also in conditions of high humidity.

Theoretical Covering Capacity

6 sq. m/litre at 50 microns dry film thickness. Please allow for wastage and surface porosity

Cleaning Solvent

Clean tap water. If the paint is dry, White Spirit Thinner should be used.


Secure lid between uses to prevent paint hardening. 12 months in original unopened container

Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces to be sealed are clean, dry and free from oil and grease and there is a couple days of good weather so there is now chance of rain during application.

Batch Information
If items are purchased on separate occasions there may be a slight colour variation as our products are manufactured in different batches.

Container variation

Occasionally when demand is high the manufacturer will run out of stock of the printed containers, this will result in the item being dispatched in white plastic 20ltr containers.

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