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Our range of heavy duty floor paints is suitable for garages, industrial units, workshops and factories. Perfect for garage floors, these paints are best combined with our primer/sealer to ensure a long lasting finish. Read More.

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    This is a quick drying alkyd floor paint. Premium quality, hard wearing, long lasting. Gloss finish.

    As used by trade professionals.

    Key features:

    • Touch dry in approximately 4-6 hours
    • Available in various colours
    • Heavy duty and long lasting
    • High durability and is easy to clean
    • Ideal for garage floors
    • Quick drying
    • Also suitable for asphalt floors

Why Paint your Garage Floor?

Garage floors are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, including oil spills, chemical stains, and tire marks. Painting the floor creates a barrier that protects it from these substances, preventing damage and extending its lifespan.

Reduced Dust: Concrete garage floors can produce dust, which can be problematic for allergies and overall cleanliness. Painting the floor can help seal the concrete, reducing dust production and making the environment healthier.

A painted garage floor is much easier to clean than bare concrete. Spills and stains can be wiped up more effortlessly, and dust and debris are less likely to accumulate. This makes routine maintenance simpler and less time-consuming.

Do I need to use primer or sealer on my Garage Floor?

Yes we do recommend using our floor primer / sealer on your garage floor before you paint it. This will reduce any risk of delamination on your garage floor due to poor penetration of heavy top coats. It can be used on bare or painted concrete.

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